Jacqui van Twest

Position title: Project Manager

Email: vantwest@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 263-3291

Jacqui van Twest is an internationally trained biochemist who worked as a scientist with NASA for 20 years, supporting space missions. During that time she was responsible for coordination and management of a wide range of programs at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and Johnson Space Center around living and traveling in space. Many of these Life Science Program initiatives required Jacqui to utilize her scientific knowledge in conjunction with her project management skills. On the Constellation Program she led a team responsible for generating human requirements for the Moon and Mars missions. As Mission Support Scientist she facilitated on a number collaborations between the USA and Russia scientists.  She is looking forward to leveraging her team project experience here at UW-Madison and across the NIH funded national network of cryo-ET centers.